Welcome to Northville


Northville Elementary School has students in the Experiential Center for Early Learning (EXCEL) pre-school through second grade.  Staff members are dedicated to providing our students with an excellent education in a warm and caring setting.  Northville is known for being a school with a big heart.  It is also an active community of learners which includes all of us, adults and children.  Each day our hallways swell with the surge of incoming children and staff, excited and enthusiastic about being among friends, young and old.  Each day, our staff works collaboratively to deliver instruction that is engaging and based on state standards, educational research, and student achievement data.  Each day our classrooms hum with the buzz of learning activities.

In addition to our core academic curricula, we are fortunate to be able to provide our students with classes taught by specialists in art, music, physical education, library media science, and guidance.  We also have class lessons in the computer laboratory.  Varying levels of intervention are provided by several staff members who include reading Interventionists and tutors, Special Education teachers and para-educators, speech and language pathologists, an occupational therapist, physical therapist, psychologist, and English Language Learner (ELL) teacher.

We at Northville also focus on Character Education to foster and maintain our school community relationships.  Along with the other New Milford schools, we focus on a given character trait each month:  respect, responsibility, honesty, compassion, perseverance, citizenship, integrity, loyalty, courage, and cooperation.  Each day our daily announcements highlight a thought and lesson about that month's character trait, and the language of Character Education is integrated into all aspects of our daily school community life.

Additionally, Northville Elementary School is committed to the pursuit of wellness through proper diet, exercise, and a safe school environment.  Our lunch program reflects this focus on healthy eating, and we encourage students to bring healthy snacks.  

A safe school environment is one in which physical aggression, bullying, and intimidation are not tolerated.  It is also one in which the actual physical environment is safe.  We take our charge seriously and follow up on all safety concerns.    

Northville families are an integral part of our school community.  We have a high attendance rate at parent teacher conferences; 96% of our students' parents attend conferences in November and March.  Parents also regularly volunteer throughout the building for a variety of activities, in and out of the classrooms. In addition, our PTO is a very active organization which supports the instructional program by providing hands-on learning activities and provides considerable financial support for cultural arts presentations, field trips, and teacher grants for instructional purposes.  The PTO also sponsors several fun family activities in the evening throughout the school year, including the Halloween Spooktacular Dance, Family Movie Night, and two Scholastic book fairs.

Come and visit us at Northville.  We are proud of who we are and what we do!